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Order of Battle


March 23, 1862



(approximately 6500 men)

BGen. James Shields (wounded)

COL. Nathan Kimball, Commandering


FIRST BRIGADE, Col. Nathan Kimball

14th Ind., 8th Ohio, 67th Ohio, 84th Pa.

SECOND BRIGADE, Col. Jeremiah C. Sullivan

5th Ohio, 13th Ind., 62nd Ohio, 39th Ill.*

THIRD BRIGADE, Col. Erastus B. Tyler

7th Ohio, 7th Ind., 1st W.Va, 29th Ohio, 110th Pa.

CAVALRY, Col. Thornton F. Brodhead

1st squad Pa., Independant Co.s Md., 1st W.Va.(Battalion)

1st Ohio (Co. A,D) 1st Michigan (Battalion)

ARTILLERY, Lt. Col. Philip Daum

W.Va. Arty. - A Battery, W.Va. Arty - B Battery, 4th US Arty -E Battery

1st Ohio Arty. - H Battery*, 1st Ohio -L Battery



            James Shields, born May 10, 1810, Cty Tyrone, Ireland- died June 1, 1879, Ottumwa IA.   Pre-War Profession:  Lawyer, Black Hawk War, politician, judge, Mexican War, US Senator.   War Service:  August 1861 appointed Brig. Gen. of Volunteers, Shenandoah Valley campaign, resigned March 1863.   Post War Career:  Railroad executive, US Senator.   Note:  Once challenged Lincoln to a duel, but they became good friends afterwards.



(approximately 3500 men)

MGen. Thomas J. Jackson, Commanding


GARNETT'S BRIGADE, BGen. Richard B. Garnett

2nd Va., 4th Va., 5th Va., 27th Va., 33rd Va.

Rockbridge Artillery, West Augusta Artillery

Carpenter's Va. Battery

BURKS' BRIGADE, Col. Jesse S. Burks

21st Va., 42nd Va., 48th Va.*, 1st Va. (Irish) BN

Pleasant's Va. Battery*

FULKERSON'S BRIGADE, Col. Samuel V. Fulkerson

23rd Va., 37th Va., Danville Artillery*

CAVALRY, Col. Turner Ashby

7th Va. Chew's Va. Battery


            Thomas J. Jackson, born January 21, 1824, Clarksburg, VA - died May 10 1863, near Guiney's Station VA.   Pre-War Profession:  Graduated West Point 1846, Mexican War, 1851 resigned from US army, professor at VMI.   War Service:  1861 Maj. in Virginia militia; Col. of Confederate infantry, Harper's Ferry; June 1861 Brig. Gen., First Manassas; October 1861 Maj. Gen., Shenandoah Valley campaign - fought brilliantly, Seven Days - fought poorly at times probably due to exhaustion; Groveton, commanded the Left Wing at Second Manassas; corps command in Sharpsburg campaign, Harper's Ferry, Sharpsburg; October 1862 Lt. Gen., Fredericksburg, Chancellorsville (mw).   Note:  He was a great commander, and is the subject of continued speculation as to how the Confederacy would have fared had he not been killed.