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Volunteering for the KBA


          The volunteers of the KBA are a group of individuals dedicated to the preservation of the Kernstown Battlefield and to the interpretation of its history; not only the stories of the Civil War battles which flowed across the land for four bloody years, but the stories of the families who occupied and worked the land from the very earliest years of settlement of the Shenandoah Valley.


          Visitor Center volunteers are trained each spring at the annual Volunteer Orientation & Training seminar in preparation for the May-October season to come. Each Saturday and Sunday, two or more volunteers open the park to visitors.


          Trained docents guide visitors through the 1854 Pritchard House relating the story of the Pritchard Family as they lived through the Civil War years. Other docents take visitors on battlefield tours. 


          Grounds and Maintenance volunteers work all year round mowing, trimming, painting, repairing, maintaining buildings and fences, clearing brush and other projects.


          Aside from those serving in the Visitor Center and in Grounds and Maintenance, volunteers are needed for fundraising and grant writing ativities. Interested individuals should contact the KBA at or call Sue Golden at (202) 302 9129.


The photos below show displays inside the Pritchard House. Specially trained

docents tell visitors the history of the house and the families who lived there,

who farmed the land, and who raised their families.


     Left:  The Pritchard Parlor                                    Right:  The Pritchard Dining Room




Below:  Photos from the Kernstown Battlelfield Visitor Center located in one of the 20th century farm buildings. Volunteer docents staff the center each weekend from May through October to greet visitors and orient them to the events which occurred at the battlefield.