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Follow the Kernstown Battlefield walking trails for insights
 into the events of the First and Second Battles of Kernstown ... browse the battlefield Visitor Center to learn details of the history ... see the 1854 Pritchard House where the family of Samuel and Helen Pritchard 
huddled in the cellar waiting for quiet to return to their farm.  
This and more await visitors to this pristine
388-acre Civil War battlefield park.

The Kernstown Battlefield Association owns and operates the Kernstown Battlefield on the Pritchard-Grim Farm located in Winchester, Virginia.

The KBA is a non-profit 501(c)3 all volunteer corporation whose mission is to protect and interpret this Civil War battlefield for the benefit of future generations.


Above: First Battle of Kernstown 

Sunday, 23 March 1862

From the battlefield map by Jedediah Hotchkiss,

Topographical Engineer for Gen. Stonewall Jackson


          March 23, 1862, Stonewall Jackson's 3,000-strong Confederate army marched into the artillery fire of Nathan Kimball's 8,000-strong Union force. When darkness ended the battle, casualties totaled over 1300. Kernstown was the first battle fought in the Valley, and it launched the great campaign still studied today, Gen. Jackson's famous Valley Campaign of 1862  LEARN MORE...



         July 24, 1864, 28,000 combatants once again swarmed over the fields and hills of the Pritchard farm in an agonizing battle ending in a decisive Confederate victory which was to be their last in the Valley. Gen. Jubal Early's Confederates inflicted 1185 casualties on Gen. George Crook's Union Army. Nine months after Early's victory at Kernstown the war ended at Appomatox.   LEARN MORE...

KBA President Steve Vaughn presents the Presidential Award to Abby Whitacre and Ekaterina & Hanna Fitzpatrick-- Our youngest Volunteers!

Kernstown Battlefield

610 Battle Park Drive

Winchester, Virginia 22602

(Battle Park Drive is off Valley Avenue 

next to Creekside Station in Kernstown.)

GPS Coordinates:
39º 8´ 38.14˝ North, 78º 1´ 33.20˝ West



Above:  The 1854 Pritchard House on the Kernstown Battlefield where Samuel and Helen Pritchard and their children huddled in their cellar during both battles fought on their farm.

Kernstown Battlefield Association

2017 Annual Meeting

The Our annual KBA meeting was held Saturday, October 21st with over 30 KBA members attending.  The meeting was preceeded with a tasty luncheon and included an interesting lecture from VA Delegate Randy Minchew.  The nominations of Board Members Steve Cantu, Steve Chesley, Susan Golden, Fred Rickard , and Larry Turner were approved and the proposed Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws changes were voted upon and passed.  A good time was had by all!!

Army Veteran and Artillery expert Larry Turner gives a quick tour of the KBA Artillery Annex linked HERE:

See Mike Cannane's lecture on General Nathan Kimball linked HERE: